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Genus: Undead

The walking dead. They come in a variety of appearances from hooded clothing to missing body parts.

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

Most have slow movement and a fairly slow attack make this monster very kiteable.

Some also have a charge attack that causes poison.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit


  • Fire (81.2%); 
  • Earth (71.2%); 
  • Ice (71.6%); 
  • Wind (100%); 
  • Magic Missile (131.9%);
  • Poison (14 seconds, 2 ticks)
  • Holy (???%); Deals heavily increased damage; Chaotic characters have slight chance to intsa-kill
  • Stun (~4 seconds);

Note: See Zombie (Mob Type)/Test Data for more information.


Name Type Location Notes MP
Zombie Normal Caligrase Sewers
Swamp Fire Normal Caligrase Sewers
Living Dead Normal Caligrase Sewers
Lagrisse Legion Boss Creature Caligrase Sewers
Lagrisse Dominion Boss Creature Caligrase Sewers
Garbage Boss Creature Caligrase Sewers
Disco Zombie Boss Creature Deltis Keep
Dry Corpse Boss Creature Deltis Keep
Daniel-San Unique Creature Golden Dragon Ruins
Scavenger Normal Chikor Castle Site
Rotting Corpse Normal Chikor Castle Site
Rush Hour Boss Creature Chikor Castle Site
Doom Sentinel Boss Creature Chikor Castle Site
Poisonous Dead Boss Creature Chikor Castle Site
Possession Normal Temple of Oblivion

Bloody Marble

Normal Old Sewers
Dark Thing Boss Creature Old Sewers
Lost Number Rare Creature Underground Dragoon Ruins
Carrier Normal Descension Ruins
Baked Body Normal Descension Ruins
Chill Out Boss Creature Descension Ruins
Unknown Sync Unique Creature Descension Ruins
Meat Puppet Normal Ruined Chamber
Sacrifice Normal Facility 13
Deadly Spawn Normal Facility 13
Murder Doll Normal Facility 13 0
Decomposer Boss Creature Dark Roundtable
Disco Zombie normal Dark Roundtable


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