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Rarity: Poor

Type: Two-Handed Staff

Physical Attributes
Slash: 40% Strike: 30% Pierce: 70%
Races: All
Classes: Mage, Priest
Class Level: 1
Soul Rank: 1
Stats: None

Special Effects: None

Grade Physical
Hardness Weight
0 1.0 0.0 1 1 3.10
+1 1.0 0.0 2 1 3.10

Obtained FromEdit

Location Chests Creatures Quests
Aria Reservoir
Caligrase Sewers
  • Deceased Chest
  • Dungeon Chest
  • Mob Chest
  • Moon Chest
Chikor Castle Site
  • Deceased Chest
  • Moon Chest
Deltis Keep
  • Mob Chest
Kaoka Parrej Ruins
  • Mob Chest
  • Moon Chest

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