Stark provides the quest

1 - Go to see Roudendall in Ministry of Arcanum

2 - Go to Gant also in Ministry

3 - Go to Roswald Deep Fort, you wil need to kill Naughty Kid to collect 10 Organic Mana Catalyst

4 - Return to Ministry to talk to Gant and Roudendall again

5 - Go to Baggis in Deep Sea Port

6 - He will ask you to go to to Roswald Deep Fort to find Silicate Chunk

7 - This can be found one 2nd floor by search the piles of trash. I found in the pile behind the Predator Plant right next to the water on the right side. (Can only carry one at a time, so might be multiple trips)

Note: There are 3 qualities of Silicate Chunk

- "It is clearly unpleasant to the touch." (poor quality) behind Predator Plants

- "It could certainly be worse." (normal quality) in the Water filled area to the left and right side

- "It feels good to the touch." (good quality) beetween the revival statue and the spawn of 6 Demon Bullfrog (I5)

most likely there is another spawn with high quality Silicate Chunk which would probably result in 100% success rate.

8 - Back to Baggis, he will charge you 1000g gold to attempt to make the medicine bottle

9 - Once you have obtained the bottle, head back to Gant in the Ministry

10 - Now head back to Stark


10,000 exp

9,000 gold

3 Mircale Medal

2 Armor Forging Stone Lv2

1 Weapon Forging Stone Lv2

Title ICJ23 Wife's Friend

+20 Lawful for the quest

wen you end the quest Drumkard ask you

If I have anything Ill be sure to ask you.


your poor wife  .....................lawfull +30

Alcohol is the best medicine chaotic +30

This guy might be beyond hope neutral +30

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