Warn Ornamental BoxType: Sphere

The Worn ornamental box is an item that can be obtained by trading 99 purple medals with Jiminy.

Drop List Edit

The following is a list of items that you can obtain by using a Warn Ornamental Box.

Icon Name Type Rarity Restrictions Notes
Elemental Earrings
Welling Earrings Earrings Good None
Elemental Earrings
Red Hot Earrings Earrings Good None
Elemental Earrings
Fertility Earrings Earrings Good None
Rainbow Necklace
Rainbow Necklace Necklaces Good None
Silver Charm Earrings Normal None
Wind Protection Earrings Icon
Wind Protection Earrings Earrings Good None
Purification Earrings
Purification Earrings Earrings Good None
Super Heavy Belt Belts Master None
Silver Ring of Salvation Icon
Silver Ring of Salvation Rings Good None

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