Here is a generic listing of "quests" for things that might want to be done on the wiki.  I'm putting these out there to try to get players interested in helping out on the wiki.

I be feelin' sturdy!

Objective:  Determine the effects of Vitality on Defense

Details:  The game says that Vitality has some sort of effect on physical defense.  It would be handy to figure out how much and if it's worth putting points into it for better defense.

As a side quest in a related vein, it would be handy to check if it has any effect on magic defense as well.

Rewards:  25 Imaginary Cookies + 25 wiki xp


  • Buying a Dimento Meal from the Tavern is a handy way to change your vitality.
  • Teaming up with a criminal player might save a lot of time
  • It will take at least 20 hits per Vit value to get accurate results.
  • Checking changes on hard hits should probably be checked as well

Monster Hunt

Objective:  Find the spawn locations of Living Aura in Descension Ruins.

Details:  Living Aura is a rare monster living in Descension Ruins.  See if you can find places where it spawns for rare monster hunters.

Rewards:  10 Imaginary Cookies

Similar Quests

Photographer 2

Objective:  Take photos of monsters in Dark Roundtable

Details:  Since it's a new dungeon, most of the monsters don't have photos yet.  Upload a photos of them onto the wiki so we can make one (Or better still, make it yourself!  Look at other monster pages for formatting tips).  Currently we have only photos for Anononym and Arachnophobia.

Rewards:  2 Imaginary Cookies per monster (+ 2 Wiki XP if you make the wiki page)

Thief of MP

Objective:  Determine which monster types have MP

Details:  Mana Steal can only work on monsters that have MP.  Find out which monsters are possible targets for Mana hungry mages.  It may be linked to the Monster Type (For example Spirit (Mob Type) or Ogre (Mob Type)) or it may vary from monster to monster.

Rewards:  50 Imaginary Cookies + 50 Wiki XP

Similar Quests

  • Determine MP totals of monsters.  Reward:  100 wiki xp

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