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  • WolindQuark

    This is a work in progress.

    There has been a rumour for some time that the royal suite gives better level up results than the fountains in the dungeons.  I have at last decided to test this after some recent horrible stat increases using it.  Whenever possible, I was in good condition as I leveled.  My bonus roll points were given as Str+1, Int,Pie,Vit,Agi+10, Luk+5 on a male porkul.

    Overall attribute increase is the sum of all increases gain, with the exception of HP and MP.  HP and MP are included mostly for completeness, but if the fountain is truly worse there should be a noticeably larger difference between the average and higher values for these than for the bed.

    Leveling to 20 on a thief, using only the fountain in Caligrase sewers to …

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  • WolindQuark

    Here is a generic listing of "quests" for things that might want to be done on the wiki.  I'm putting these out there to try to get players interested in helping out on the wiki.

    Objective:  Determine the effects of Vitality on Defense

    Details:  The game says that Vitality has some sort of effect on physical defense.  It would be handy to figure out how much and if it's worth putting points into it for better defense.

    As a side quest in a related vein, it would be handy to check if it has any effect on magic defense as well.

    Rewards:  25 Imaginary Cookies + 25 wiki xp

    • Buying a Dimento Meal from the Tavern is a handy way to change your vitality.
    • Teaming up with a criminal player might save a lot of time
    • It will take at least 20 hits per Vit value t…

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  • WolindQuark

    In true RPG NPC spirit, I have begun giving quests to random passers by in the hope that they'll get on the wiki and edit some stuff.  So far, the quests seem to be attracting some attention and maybe we'll get some new participants soon (and even better, more wiki contributors).

    Quest Name Objective Reward Completed by Date completed Notes
    Fetch me that data! Find Leather Bandana

    10 wiki xp

    10 Imaginary Cookies

    Elesner 10/9/13 Object found to be imaginary
    Photographer Take a photo of Mercenary 2 Imaginary Cookies Elesner 15/9/13

    Ranking Name Total Cookies
    1 Elesner 12

    Ranking Name Total Wiki XP
    1 Elesner 10

    Given to those who have managed to impress with data collection

    Title Awarded for Awarded to Date awarded
    Reporting for Duty! Expressing an intere…

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  • WolindQuark

    You may (or may not) have noticed that weapons and armour have attributes such as Slash, Strike and Crush.  I've been wondering about these a little and decided to see what sort of an impact they made.

    I got 3 weapons and enhanced them so that they had about the same attack power, a Partisan+1 (Atk 63, 100% Pierce), a Bastard Sword+1 (Atk 63, 60% Slash, 40% Pierce) and a Long Hammer+2 (Atk 64.3, 100% Strike).  Weapons were chosen to try to minimise change in damage due to attack power and max out the damage due to the damage type.

    At the time of testing, I was wearing a Splint Bandana (18 Def, 30% Slash, 30% Strike, 40% Pierce), a pair of Splint Gloves (19 Def, 30% Slash, 30% Strike, 40% Pierce), a Cloak+4 (41 Def, 40% Slash, 30% Strike, 30%…

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  • WolindQuark

    The poor priest class seems to have been rather neglected on the wiki, and since I primarily play a priest, I thought I would put down some things I've tried or plan to try bringing back to the priest class.

    The mage is the most logical choice for a priest to cross class to.  Priests can use almost all mage equipment, importantly staffs, and with the addition of some of the hefty fighter class armour can become quite formidable.  MP and damage will drop slightly, but the added defense and HP can greatly increase your up time.  With the free addition of Divine Armor, you can almost tank and cast at the same time.  Whether dealing damage or providing status effects, Priests with mage skills are bound to be an asset.

    Victim Return is practically …

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