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A strange disturbance is seen in the Hero's Square as a deranged looking man steps out of the crowd. He introduces himself as Gallatorra and explains that he is a researcher from the Ministry of Arcanum.
After many years of research he has discovered an ancient trial grounds that were once used by the Guardians to prepare for battle. The trial appears to still be in working order and Gallatorra believes he can grant access to adventures looking to heighten their mind and body.
He warns not to delay since he will only be able to hold the connection to the trial open for a small amount of time.

Do you have what it takes to battle your way through the Trial of Fantasy?
Each floor of the trial is split in several rooms where fantasy monsters await you. You must go through each room in order, but note that once you enter, your only option is to reach the next level or fail the trial and start over. To proceed past each level you will need to secure various crystals from the inhabitants of the room and use them on the altars of travel in each room.

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While you will be able to teleport to the next room whenever you offer the crystals to the teleporter, keep in mind the teleporter is unstable. If you don't offer enough crystals you may find yourself sent to the Cemetery instead of the next room. The Cemetery has many powerful monsters that could lead to your demise and failure of the trial.

If you have the strength and power to travel safely through all rooms and pass through several floors, one final trial awaits you.

Gallatorra will only be available April 26, 2013 till April 28, 2013, and can be found in Channel 1 Hero's Square and Twilight Alley.

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