A new dungeon is coming to Wizardry Online! Check out this sneak peek at the Trial of Azarm, scheduled to be released next week.


The Azarm Trial Ground was built by the famous dungeon architect Azarm. Azarm was a very eccentric man, whose stated life goal had been to “craft a labyrinth so complex that none could escape it.”
The Azarm Trial Ground began its life as a request from the Adventurers' Guild to create a simple testing area for new adventurers. While Azarm met the spirit of the Guild's request, he was unable to leave what he believed to be such a poorly contrived labyrinth as-is. So within his labyrinth’s corridors, he brought monsters so strong that even experienced adventurers would fall by their claws.
Naturally, the Adventurers' Guild protested, but Azarm dismissed them, proclaiming “An adventurer is nothing if he cannot run away."
With beginner adventurer deaths piling up, the Adventurer's Guild blocked and closed the labyrinth.  For his insolent ways, the guild set a price on the head of Azarm, but by that time Azarm had disappeared.
With the passage of time, rumors have spread between adventurers regarding the Trial Ground.  Some claim that Azarm hid himself within the Trial Grounds; perhaps the grounds were originally even crafted for just that purpose? Others claim to hear the sinister laugh of an older man whenever new adventurers become trapped within the dungeon.  Could it be Azarm ridiculing these greedy adventurers as they plod through his realm? Some might say so, though again this is merely a rumor.


Are you prepared to navigate the labyrinth and take the Trial of Azarm? Is there a way to sneak past the incredibly powerful monsters and make it to the end without being killed? If you survive, perhaps you will learn whether or not the rumors are true, and potentially locate Azarm’s treasure chests!

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