A new story line dungeon is coming to Wizardry Online! Check out this quick glimpse learn the background and see some screenshots of the Ruined Chamber releasing in the update on May 7, 2013.

Ruined chamber entrance

An old decrepit building can be seen on the outskirts of Illfalo that many citizens avoid at all costs. It is not clear how old the building really is, but it is easy to tell that it is not of this era. Anyone that has been near the building will tell you of the smell of mold and stale air coming from it.

The older citizens of Illfalo tell stories of how it was rumored that the building was once a prison and that terrible experiments were performed on the residents. Many sections of the vast building now lay in ruins after years of abuse by the elements, but still no one is willing to venture into the building, being fearful of what may still remain inside.

Recently, in the vicinity of the building, a woman was found frantically muttering about the old building. Officials of Illfalo have determined she is a victim of the recent disappearances in town. The woman looked as if she had been tortured and is clearly now insane from her ordeal. It is not clear exactly what happened to the woman, but the one thing that is clear is the phrase that she continually mutters, "Nyar shthan.... Nyar gashanna..." Officials have no clue to as the meaning of the words, but continue to research.

The Ministry of Arcanum believes the woman and the other disappearances may be connected to the ancient building. They request cooperation from the Adventurer’s Guild to send adventures into the depths of the "Ruined Chamber" to investigate.

Ruined chamber 22
Ruined chamber 23

Answer the Ministry of Arcanum’s call to the Adventurer’s Guild to help solve the disappearances and find out what horrors lurk within.

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