Patch Notes:

  • A 15% Bonus has been added to the Drop Rate of Items added to server
    • The drop rate of items dropped from NPCs has been increased by 15% throughout the server. This is intended to help make equipment more available to players and have adventures feel more rewarding. This change will help players gain in power and give everyone a chance to experience more of the game that may have been difficult to accomplish previously.
    • We will be closely monitoring this change to ensure that it doesn’t have a negative effect on the economy and balance of the game and will adjust as needed. We would appreciate any feedback you are willing to provide on this change to our forums.
  • Life Material Sale
    • All items sold for Life Material from the Quopaty Temple in the Soul Material store are discounted 25% for a limited time.
  • Due to popular demand the single item versions of Clear and Default Equipment Sets have been added back to the Royal Shop.
  • Master Smith Baggis has made a breakthrough in his design of the Baggis Forge guard and it is now available on the Royal Shop in bundles of 3 for all aspiring forgers to use.
    • The Baggis Forge Guard is a refined forge guard, crafted by the hands of Master Smith Baggis. This item prevents your forge items from being destroyed in the event of a failed forge. In addition if the forge value of the item was 5 or higher, it will become 4. If the forge value of item was 4 or lower it will stay the same value.
  • Added Gothic Doll Sphere to the Royal Shop
    • This sphere introduces the much anticipated Gothic Doll avatar wearable. This set will be available in the sphere as a full set instead of individual pieces as seen in other spheres. Due to the change in the delivery of the avatar set the drop rates of other items were also adjusted to support this change.
  • The Buccaneer sphere has been retired from the Royal Shop. It may make an appearance again in the future on special occasions.

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