Felt like ranting a lil. So my time is wizardry was pretty boring, I join the game with my friends, Erik and Nemesis. Some may know them as Olsen and Thornex, They only stuck around for about 2 weeks or so before leaving, and even during that time hardly played. I loved Wizardry's gameplay and chose to stick around, I play for a few months, but being a resident of the United States, I was always on when everyone was sleeping and it demotivated me to play. I had made friends during this time with Ruika, Loli and Davrin.

They made the game the most fun its ever been for me, and I began to stay up late in the night to play with them. Over time I couldn't take it, with my job and the game I could never be on at the right times. So I quit for about 2 months, When I returned, Loli and Davrin still played, and to my surprise ruika returned 2 days after me, having taken a break of his own. I began to enjoy the game far more then I ever did, I adjusted my schedule, waking earlier instead of staying up later, and it was far easier to play. Then I ran into life issues, I had Loli on Steam, and Skype at this time and we would talk when we could. I had lost my job and had to move out to a friends to basicly freeload in his house and I still am, until I find a new job. I rejoined Wizardry after the issues had passed, and now I am playing wizardry still. Having the most fun of my life.

Wizardry gave me 2 friends I can never replace, and 1 I can trust with my deepest secrets, it gave me hope and entertainment, and now it gave me a family. The EU server is my family of criminals. If it wasn't for them, I would have quit when Ap3x left.

Thank you, Aino, Roxas, Davrin, Loli, MaxFire, Neada, Lakuza, Gazsi, and Skullz. Lets continue to have an amazing year.

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