• The Horn

    After attaining the pleasure of pushing each class to level 15(not hard at all once you reach soul rank 7) I have come to the conclusion that thief is the most "complete" class to play as in the game. The thief is great for soloing, parties, and PvP. A thief can be designed to play any of the major roles in a party.(DPS, TANK, HEAL,SCOUT) In short, a team of 4 thieves can take down any content thus far(Dragoon Ruins) with ease. 

    When looking at the thief skills, you notice that it has 3 distinct branches. Trickster, Sidewinder, and Strategist.
    This branch is the "combo" type build. It allows for quick blows that are very strong. OD recovery is a must if you plan to be in the monsters face, it allows you to spam the hide attack(bes…
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