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    Those humans..

    August 29, 2013 by Tasty Onions

    Dark Roundtable. A horrible place. A terrible story.. but.. Let me just point out a few things here.

    Maybe that didn't seem to stand out there. Let me try to put this in focus for you. Who is it that stands around in droves in town, buckled down with the fanciest armor and weapons that can be found? Some of them are so full of themselves they stand around half naked just staring your down like you're the one with the problem. Others.. well others are just kinda strange. Some finer examples come to mind of what I'm talking about provided below.

    is just creepy.

    So what exactly did this "Adventurer" have in mind here? Extra jock protection will increase his ability to well.. stand around in town and think about going to a dungeon? Ok ok moving a…

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    A Porkul Date

    August 7, 2013 by Tasty Onions

    Porkuls. We love, we laugh, we cry.. but most of all we kick ass! (and eat fish).

    It was a hot day in Roswald Deep Fort; Macabre was getting summoned back to the world to wreak death and havoc or something, and a bunch of stuff happened, he appeared, killed his cultists some more stuff was said; it was scary but.. if not for a small band of adventurers this could have been really bad. Like really really bad. Among the group was a Gnome named Ami; an Elf named Helga and two Porkuls who'd crossed paths a few times before but always seemed to have a good time when they were together.

    One was Azunyan Aino, a firey purple haired Porkul maiden (made of equal parts cuteness and powerful magic spells) and the other was Rodrigez Montiago.. (a thief >…

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    Guide to Nil

    May 31, 2013 by Tasty Onions

    Never have I screamed so many profanities than I have accomplishing this feat. With that said; finally.. yay.

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  • Tasty Onions

    So, I apologize for taking yucky pictures XD. It's a hobby though, but hopefully a more talented photo taker can take some time and replace the vomit I litter over the wiki. If not, I hope the ones I've taken help. Despite the bajillions of pictures I've taken, I don't think I get any better at taking them, but maybe even worse? Who knows. Also I like onions. (Kind of an understatement.)

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