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    New News

    November 24, 2013 by Summer Reliqae

    I offered three more Proof of Bond to the union.  Progression now has 9 XP.

    The ofiicial union page for Progression will be up soon.  I just need time off of work to figure out how to make it properly using this Wiki.

    I'm probably going to go Royal again.  It would be nice to do it tomorrow to stack the Royal XP bonus, the 30 day Dimento Medal XP bonus, the Book of Experience XP bonuses, the Special Event XP bonus, etc (for almost a 100% XP increase) but I have other financial obligations to fulfill.  I'm thinking I'll pay for a 1 year subscription on January 1st.  Until then, I'll focus on developing Progression.

    Now that they're available for in-game gold, I've switch to Healing Potion(M) and High Camps.  Once you reach a certain level and …

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