• Shinis

    My YouTube Videos

    November 16, 2013 by Shinis

    Recently started to recording again for some WO Vids - not many out there esp for US/EU region. Going to add more over the time, probably some statue fights as well.

    So far the list is short.

    Ruined Chamber: Twins solo

    Dark Roundtable: Epidemic Bugs

    Sangent Ruins: various spots of part1

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  • Shinis

    My current builds

    November 15, 2013 by Shinis

    Im going to list here my current builds using

    Mostly planned for SR16, one for SR18.

    Melee/Trap thief - allrounder build (SR16 but high level build)

    Those that don't feel safe enough with desperado could switch to Attack Aura 5 for less PAtk but no PDef penalty

    Tank Fighter (SR18 lv31 build)

    following Level-Ups would be:

    32: Sentinal Guard 7

    33: Over Use 2

    34: safe

    35: PAtk Passive + Max HP

    36+37: safe

    38: Insight Lv4+5, Pdef Passive

    Full Support Priest (SR16 lv33+ build)…

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  • Shinis

    This test was done before the recent skill changes, repeated this a bit below with a comparision

    So, now that my 2nd char has started and I got the opportunity to take all of those parts at lv1 because it will reclass soon anyway, I'm using it to actually test the difference of those 3 parts.

    'Exact' values will come soon but the first impression shows the following:

    All 3 of them do equal damage, so most likely its the same at lv7. However, mobs got depending on their type different defenses against Slash/Strike/Pierce damage. Most likely its like this:

    Spike Parts = Piercing damage (obvious)

    Crush Parts = Strike damage

    Cut Parts = Slash damage

    Test values - all done with lv1 parts and 114 Patk (+6 Hawk) and good condition:

    Epidemic Bug (Bug Mob …

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