Sangent Ruins 


Next week, the Sangent Ruins and all of their horrors and dangers will enter Wizardry Online. They have been named the Ruins of No Return by those too afraid to dare the journey. Will you dare the ruins, or will you lose yourself to them?


The true scope and size of the ruins are unknown. The Adventurers’ Guild has only been able to assemble reports from adventurers who gauged both from a far distance. It is rumored inside waits a dark, complex labyrinth of paths, and that all of them lead to doom. There are whispers of shrines to an ancient pagan god, and hordes of treasure.


For those few permitted to explore the site, there is some hope of reward and glory. It was, by all accounts, a beautiful place once. Now monsters roam what was, restless and anxious. And there is something else still living in the deep and dark.


Will you find it? Or will it find you?

Character Salon 


Next week’s update will also bring new ways to customize your character in Wizardry Online. The new Character Salon will allow you to customize your face, hair, and hair color, as well as allow you to exchange tickets from the Voice Spheres to customize your voice. Redefine and redesign yourself as often as you like!

Additionally, the Max Soul Rank will increase to Level 22, new Class Specialties will be available at level 45 and 50, and the new Mission Guide will help newer players find quest destinations more easily.

If you're not yet ready to face the Sangent Ruins and what lies ahead, get ready. Register and play Wizardry Online for free at!

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