• Lydovey

    Of course, it costed us several days to run the slots 100g per medal

    the result is shown as following

    it is significant that we're not so lucky to obtain any master gears...

    Name SR Rarity amount
    wind protection earring 2  good 17
    Silver ring of salvation 2  good 17
    Silver Charm 0  normal 35
    Red hot earring 7  good 5
    Squall earring 7  good 12
    Fertility earring 7  good 6
    Rainbow necklace 3  good 1
    Welling earring 7  good 7

    In general,

    (1) junks under SR 6 come in rate of about 70%

    (2) SR 7 good earrings come in rate of about 30% 

    (3) Master gears didn't come within these 100 boxes


    Jiminy is friendly only on his skin, just like his boss Carley :3

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  • Lydovey

    Lydovey, who is now a lvl 12 thief with max lvl steal attack and lvl 1 steath, just finished her interview with Carley in UDR. With Fumo (having lvl 6 steal attack), they two came back to town with 52 Goddess sheres.This project last a week and spent them about 20 hours to obtain those items.

    It's the big result of the Goddess spheres

    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Battle mace Normal
    Magical resist kite shield Good
    Magical resist kite shield Good
    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Magical resist kite shield Good
    Twinbard's sword Good
    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Priest stone system
    Assassin's dagger Normal
    Thief stone system
    Thief splint boot Normal
    Remencerence(Crystal) system
    Bare Knuckles Normal
    Remencerence(Crystal) system
    Great Sword Normal
    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Hatchet Normal

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  • Lydovey

    Mascot of Porkul-Pickers

    August 2, 2013 by Lydovey

    It is said that Luck may effect the rate of forge. In order to have such a test, I make myself as a lawful thief with Justice. Such I can examinate as a 52 LUK character.

    Following what presented in Japanese wiki, all forging stones give vary benefit of rate and depends on 2 factors:(1) quality of the targeted item, and (2) lvl of the stone.

    there is an example, for a normal item, the base rate of +2 to +3 is 60%. A lvl 1 stone give this normal item 8% rate increasing. So the total rate will be (60+8)%=68%, and the blacksmith will tell you " A little worried".

    There is aa hypothesis in my mind about if LUK adds bonus point when a dice rolls? I wonder if every 10 LUK increase 1% rate increasing but not presented in what the blacksmith's announ…

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