• Fearsyth

    The wiki has now reached 1,000 pages! I'd like to thank all he contributors for their effort. Keep up the great work!

    Unfortunately, there's always more to do.

    • Check out the help wanted page for some ideas, or even add your own to the list.
    • Create some links to Lonely Pages, or add some in Dead-end Pages.
    • Add some content to Short Pages.
    • Add some categories to Uncategorized Pages.
    • Discuss the current wiki design in the General Discussion forum.
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  • Fearsyth

    What links here?

    March 28, 2013 by Fearsyth

    Ever look at an item and think, "Where do I get this?". Do you think a list of items is missing something that may be on here already?

    Introducing the "What links here" page!

    Now you can see all the pages that link to that pair of boots. Using this, you notice that one of the pages is Deltis Keep. You can then go to the Deltis Keep page and see where those boots are mentioned. For example, it could be mentioned in the creature list section as a drop from a creature. Now you know where to go, and what to kill, to get a pair of those boots.

    Note: you may have to switch the Namespace section between all or (Main), as there is a small bug that causes it to sometimes not list all the (Main) namespace pages in the all namespace.

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