The Life and Times of Cael Thundarn

I came as many others have to answer the call for Adventurer’s.  Little was known of this strange town or the realms around it.  Even after some time, much still is beyond my grasp but I am beginning to feel at home here.  Each day I go out in pursuit of fulfilling the jobs I have been tasked to do.  Hoping that with each job completed, I will grow more skillful and find things that will better protect and defend me as I search for a better understanding of what plagues this region.

Just the other day, I ran across a shifty little thief in Deltis Keep.  He asked me to infiltrate a secret location he had heard rumors of in hopes of finding a source for a precious white substance called salt.  All I had to do was find a key and verify that the salt was in the rumored location.  I should have known that his story was leaving out a few key pieces of information.

This room was guarded by a group called the Fire Crackers.  Sneaking in was not so easy under the noses of a multitude of rogues and several large fighters.  I took the wrong turn once and came face to face with a monstrous being carrying a pole axe, but that is a story for another time.  Finally, I managed to secure a key for the storage room from one of the fighters and made my way into the depths of their lair.  A strange glowing device was located there.  When I turned the key I was suddenly transported to a dark storage room.  I started looking for evidence of the salt when I was suddenly jumped by a large group of undead creatures.  The mob nearly brought me to my end but I was able quaff a healing potion and survive by the skin of my teeth.  Survival proved to be the key to finding the salt as it was being carried by the undead denizens of the storage closet. After making a hasty retreat from the Fire Crackers’ Den I delivered the salt to the shifty thief.  He seemed quite pleased.  I will have to be more careful about I take jobs from in the future.

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