One day early in my adventures I was exploring Deltis Keep. I had heard rumors of a group of thieves who had taken up residence in a section of the Keep near the entrance. If memory serves me correctly, they were called the Fire Crackers. I am not sure how they came by that name but mostly they were just a band of rogues with the occasional muscle-bound fighter to back them up.

I had just entered one of the side passages of the keep when I two of these low lifes ambushed me. These guys were a little more organized than the scum I had come across in the sewers and worked as a team to pick away at my defenses. Dodging first one and then the other I was able to inflict some serious damage on the first thief while my poor buckler took the brunt of their abuse. After the first one fell victim to by steel blade the second soon succumbed to my attack. They carried precious little with them but I did manage to find a healing potion. I saw a dark corner just ahead so I proceeded to move quickly to it so that I would be out of sight if any other rogues happened to come upon these two unfortunate fellows. Quickly rounding the corner I came face to face with the largest mound of flesh I had seen up to that time in my adventures. He looked as if he was wearing a burlap bag over his head which kind of gave him the look of a menacing scarecrow. In his right hand, he held a huge pole axe which was swinging in my direction before I could dodge. A vicious left cross left me standing paralyzed in my tracks for what seemed like an eternity as this monster continued to rip into me.

At last, I was able to move again. Jumping back I quickly quaffed a healing potion to avoid becoming the victim of this beast and was able to dodge his next left handed blow. A quick bash followed by a leg bash slowed the beast down but only marginally. Unfortunately, I saw the next left hook to late and was stopped in my tracks again watching helplessly as my life was being taken from me. When I could move I struck quickly three times and jumped backed escaping the dreaded left hand of this beast. We circled each other several more times dodging in and out and trading blows. At last with a mighty swing, I was able to knock the beast down with a fatal blow.

I quickly moved on looking for a quite corner where I could camp and lick my wounds. It was some time later that I found out that this behemoth was known as a Death Carrier!

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