• Caeldarian

    An Unexpected Foe

    May 4, 2013 by Caeldarian

    One day early in my adventures I was exploring Deltis Keep. I had heard rumors of a group of thieves who had taken up residence in a section of the Keep near the entrance. If memory serves me correctly, they were called the Fire Crackers. I am not sure how they came by that name but mostly they were just a band of rogues with the occasional muscle-bound fighter to back them up.

    I had just entered one of the side passages of the keep when I two of these low lifes ambushed me. These guys were a little more organized than the scum I had come across in the sewers and worked as a team to pick away at my defenses. Dodging first one and then the other I was able to inflict some serious damage on the first thief while my poor buckler took the …

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  • Caeldarian

    The Life and Times of Cael Thundarn

    I came as many others have to answer the call for Adventurer’s.  Little was known of this strange town or the realms around it.  Even after some time, much still is beyond my grasp but I am beginning to feel at home here.  Each day I go out in pursuit of fulfilling the jobs I have been tasked to do.  Hoping that with each job completed, I will grow more skillful and find things that will better protect and defend me as I search for a better understanding of what plagues this region.

    Just the other day, I ran across a shifty little thief in Deltis Keep.  He asked me to infiltrate a secret location he had heard rumors of in hopes of finding a source for a precious white substance called salt.  All I had to d…

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