The Pure Iron Justice Association

Is looking for YOU! Porkuls, Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Gnomes of all genders. We are recruiting and shall continue to recruit until the day our leader Blathian dies a heroic death or just plain out dies. We are an organization bent on the destruction and total annhiliation of all Criminal types, Reds and Yellows. We do this for the people of the New World, to protect them from the villains that committed evil 'by killing another, looting another's corpse, assaulting another', assaulting a local and so on. We will do whatever is in our power to stop this rising menace and crush them where they stand, kill them and show no mercy, no salvation and no repent for their sins, because the only purification they shall be offered first is that of death and no forgiveness and no regret. We of the Pure Iron Justice Association are committed to a lifetime of duty and service, we shall retire only after death. Those of you who join then leave shall be marked as Traitors and hunted down like criminals.
Anyways, join the PIJA, we're looking for good souls, those prepared to go down the path of the White Knights then converge onto the path of JUSTICE and DARKNESS, the only pure way to deal with the criminals that outnumber us.

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