The Love Triangle of Crime

There have been rumors flowing around the streets of Hero's Square of the tyrants that lurk the criminal slums of Twilight Alley, those criminals are the leaders of Chaos, DKG and the subleader of BDI. We have heard from a large variety of people who the real puppet master is behind the war and HER name is Myst. In this reality that we speak of and exist in, Myst is the Narcassistic and Manipulative wench that lurks the slums and the town square, where she slaps on her double wooden polished dildo strap-on and mounts both Diablo and Kain like dogs, the length inlodged deep within them like leashes holding them steady and each thrust a command to do as she says.

With this piece of valueable information, we have discovered the true mastermind behind the war, Myst the Wench from Beyond. Though occasionally Diablo and Kain do tend to kiss, snuggle, but do they tell. I don't think so! Though through their one on two way, I've heard that they do slip each other a bit of the tongue and a wink here and there for closure and pleasure.

This message is brought to you by your one and only leader of the Pure Iron Justice Association and is sponsored by yours truly the Tunnel_Snakes!

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