The Origin of Miss Parcel(All Fictional)

It has been said that this female warrior was given birth in the Ninth Level of Hell and was trained by the ancients until the age of 12 where she was unleashed upon the good people of Isenheim, the ruined city once led by the Isenheim Bloodline. She had slaughtered the good people without a thought or care in the world, with her frightening grip squeezing the necks of young children and infants as fant screams and cries were last heard from their tiny mouths as their heads and spinal cords were ripped straight out of their bodies and held above her thristing mouth as drips of blood poured down her throat rapidly. She would lick her lips in excitement as children, grown men and women alike would scatter in her presence, pushing and stepping over one another, young children being killed by meerly being trampled on. In this day of age it was the Reign of Parcel the Vicious or Parcel the Devourer to the oppressed people of the Old World. (To be continued.)

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