Inspired by Ryoku's Lottery event on US server.

All Participants listed here.

Current Status

The event has been put on hold for the following reasons:

  1. I do not want to be hosting every event. 1 event is enough for me
  2. The last lottery event had low participants as a result of the lack of effort on my part to call for entries during the week


Must be Soul Rank 4 or above to be eligible to enter event.

There are 3 tiers to enter

  • 10k Tier - 10,000 gold entry fee (which gets added to prize pool)
  • 50k Tier - 50,000 gold entry fee (which gets added to prize pool)
  • 100k Tier - 100,000 gold entry fee (which gets added to prize pool)

How to enter:

  • Meet me in town and trade in tier fee to enter (this way I can verify your soul rank instantly too)
  • Mail me tier fee to enter to me ( Soulname: Lakuza ) with a message saying which tier you are entering (If I am unfamiliar with your soul rank I'll arrange to meet you in game to verify using the party system).


Participant List

10k Tier (Current Prize Pool: 10k)

Number assigned Player Soul Name

50k Tier (Current Prize Pool: 0k)

Number assigned Player Soul Name

100k Tier (Current Prize Pool:0k)

Number assigned Player Soul Name

Previous Winners

Test Week:

Orv'Osis (1g Tier: 200,014 gold)

Week 1:

Tier 1: Zoro (60k )

Tier 2: Neada (300k )

Tier 3: Fellwood  (900k )

Week 2:

Tier 1: Asylum (20k)

Tier 2: <no entries>

Tier 3: Theodosa (400k)

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