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Unique creatures are elite mobs that can be found in all the dungeons (Sometimes referred to as Purple Auras). They are quite a bit higher level than the rest of the creatures in the dungeon.

Unique creatures are easy to spot. They are bathed in OD, which causes them to have a purple aura.

Unique Creature LocationsEdit

Name Mob Type Location Notes
Silver Fang Kobold Caligrase Sewers
Algos Fighter Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Greed Eater Coin Deltis Keep
Daniel-San Zombie Golden Dragon Ruins
Solloguva Mage Chikor Castle Site
Aria Tsitsi Fly Fly Aria Reservoir
McLaine Bruiser Aria Reservoir
Million Star Executioner Temple of Oblivion
Triple Disasters Chaos Slime Temple of Oblivion
Triple Disasters Newt Slime Temple of Oblivion
Triple Disasters Cosmo Slime Temple of Oblivion
Donchucky Goblin Old Sewers Basement 1 (Dark room)
Levi Machine Fighter Old Sewers Floor 1
Man Eater Spider Old Sewers Basement 2
??? Kobold Old Sewers Floor 2
??? Bruiser Old Sewers Floor 3
Budd Slime Underground Dragoon Ruins Floor 1
Angle Spiral Mixer Minotaur Underground Dragoon Ruins Floor 2
Unknown Sync Zombie Descension Ruins Floor 1
Mammoth Toad Frog Roswald Deep Fort Floor 1:
Envoy of List: Mad Cupid Imp Roswald Deep Fort Floor 2
Demolition Zule Zule Roswald Deep Fort
Hatred Spirit Ruined Chamber Floor 1
Gargoyle Giant Goblin Ruined Chamber Floor 2
Mad Dog of Dimento: Prisoner 13 Executioner Facility 13 Floor 1
Mad Scholar Dr. Madoole Mage Facility 13 Floor 2: Dark Angels room
Anononym Ogre Dark Roundtable Floor 1 (before 1st teleport pole)
Soul of Malice - Evil Hazard Golem Dark Roundtable Floor 2
Arachnophobia Spider Dark Roundtable Floor 3


Wolind Quark's guide to Purple Hunting - How to kill purples without being on a high level


Some are found inside hidden battles

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