Unions are Wizardry's version of the Guilds/Clans of other games. Joining one is a great way to make friends, form parties, and gain Union benefits.

Creating a UnionEdit

You can create a Union through the Union Manager NPC in Bustling Market, so long as you are Soul Rank 3 and have 30,000 gold ready.

Leveling a UnionEdit

Union Bonds are available at the Temple in Hero's Square. Each of these Bonds is worth 1 XP when given to the Union Manager NPC in Bustling Market.

Benefits of LevelingEdit

Union Level Benefit EXP required to reach Total EXP at level
Lvl 1 50 members available, can use Union Chart ('u') and Union Chat N/A, default level N/A, default level
Lvl 2 60 members available, Union Cape (poor) available for use 100 100
Lvl 3 Union Room available for use, Union Storage available for use (General 1) 200 300
Lvl 4 70 members available, Union Pub available, All members gain HP +2% 400 700

Lvl 5

Union Storage Upgrade (1 General, 1 Deluxe), Union Cape (Normal) available for use 700 1450
Lvl 6 80 members available, Union Pub lvl 2, All members gain hp and mp +2% 2750 ??

  • Poor Cape grants 5mp and 10hp when equipped
  • Cape of Quality Bonds grants 10mp and 20hp when equipped

Union Room Edit

A special pub/tavern like room unlocked at Union Lv3 that allows for friendly PvP with no criminal consequences.

Leaving a UnionEdit

You can leave your union by visiting a Union Clerk. You can find them in the Bustling Market and Twilight Alley sections of Illfalo Port. If you leave a union for any reason, there is a 24 hour cooldown before you can receive invites from any other union.

Search for existing unionsEdit

Union PagesEdit

Search for existing unions here for both servers or add your own union to the list to recruit members.

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