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A group of various mob types defined by the titles they help unlock.

Title AchievementsEdit

Killing these monsters contributes to the following titles :

ID Title Requirement
AAI01 Novice Undead Hunter Defeat 100 Undead monsters
AAI02 Undead Hunter Defeat 500 Undead monsters
AAI03 Veteran Undead Hunter Defeat 1000 Undead monsters
AAI04 Undead Slayer Defeat 3000 Undead monsters
AAI05 The Exorcist Defeat 5000 Undead monsters
AAI06 ???? Defeat 20,000 Undead monsters

Mob TypesEdit

The following mob types belong to the Undead Genus:


Chaotic aligned characters may instantly kill this genus of monstres using the spell Holy Light.

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