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Twilight alley is a place full of criminals, as there are no guards in this area. This makes it the place to be if you have done a crime and want to avoid going to jail.

Map Edit


NPC List Edit

Shop Clerk located at I5, gives access to the Royal shop.


Shop Clerk: located at J3, gives access to the Lil royal shop.

Raven: located at I4, allows you to purchase useable items and equipment, allow you to sells items and identify items that are unidentified.


Renton: located at H4, can repair equipment, allows you to forge equipment (from Soul rank 3+) and purchase forge stones (from soul rank 3+).

Ignagal: located at H2, allows you to restore gems, fuse gems and destroy gems from equipment (Soul rank 4+).


Shop Clerk: located at J3, allows use of the warehouse to store items and gold.

Employee: located at H2, allows you to use the auction.


Peddler: located at H3, gives a giftbox to you for a classlesss stone.

priella: located at G3, allows you to rest at an inn for a certain amount of gold.


Employee: located at J5, allows you to trade 3 Secret pouch for a Secret bag (S) or 3 Secret bag (S) for a Secret bag (L).

Receptionist: located at J5, allows you to start a union, gives an explanation of a union and gives the option to leave a union you are currently in.


Wanted Board: located at I5, shows the list of bounty's place on characters.

Manaphes: located at I5, allows transport to a dungeon.


Elena: located at I5, allows you to request to join a party or search for parties.

Liambal:located at H5, will take 99 shining rocks and in return will give a Key Engraved with Deceased Crest.


Greg: Located at G5, allows you to take on missions and report missions for the rewards.

Izorde: located at G6, has options to sells items for soul material, increase the soul amount, increase soul limit and can display the akashi report which display the record of your characters history.


Channel Changer: located at E8, used to change Channels.

Quopaty BBS: located at E6, shows the amount of character's that have died within the last month.


Maldine: located at G5, can revive you if you are in soul form.

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