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Knights of Trebor's Elite Guard

Union Name Knight.of.Trebor
Union Level 5 (1/9/2014)
Members 60+ / 70
Leader Taragon PenDragn

Mad Overlord

Dur otho

Date Created 02/02/2013
Voice Server Raid Call
'Alt' Union Squire.of.Trebor

Recruitment RequirementsEdit

Below is a summarization of our Union Requirements.  You may learn more about us at Trebor's Elite Guard Union Website .

Union Requirements / Perks
Age 18 Years or Older
Criminal Status Non-Red
Primary Directive Storyline and Character Progression (PvE)
Pay-it-Forward Simple. Members help you and you help those that come after.
Union Leveling Must be willing to help the Union level by donating Proof of Bonds.  A minimum of 5 proof of bonds must be donated in order to gain access to the Union Storage.
Website All members are required to fill out a brief application at our Trebor's Elite Guard Website .
Voice Server We use Raid Call. Highly recommend all Union Members to use but is not a requirement of membership.
Union Perks

Capes - Available upon acceptance to Union.  Provides +10HP and +5MP.

Union Storage - Direct Access given to those members who have donated 5 Proof of Bonds to the Union.

Union Room - Available to all Union members.  Must pay to open room.

HP Buff - 2% Bonus to HP for all members.


Trebor's Elite Guard Union Code of Conduct

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