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Weapon speed and weight

  • Does anyone know wether weapon weight or the weapon type determine how fast the weapon is? I was using a partisan prior to a bastard sword and it seems the spear(partisan) was faster.. I couldnt find the info anywhere even in a database. Thanks in advance!

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    • I think attack speed is based on the weapon type and the race. Only reason for the race is, the attack animations.

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    • I think it is just type; hand weapons vs dagger, weight difference is small but attacks are very different.   Spear and sword are not too far apart in speed but spear hits much harder.  Also note that weapons have a range, I can hit more stuff with a spear from farther away while the hand weapons have a super short range.

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    • No attack speed depends, apparently, agility user. Some weapons reduce agility, so make give less beats per minute.

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    • The attack speed is primarily based on the type of weapon.  There are some very small changes in attack speed based on race, but these aren't worth basing a character around.  There's also a theory that agility increases attack speed, but this has yet to be confirmed

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    • In the game guide says, but your giving a blow a couple of tenths of a second before or after the difference. If you realize, modified weapons agility and skill, so that ultimately determine its speed. Swords are faster because they do not change anything, axes are slower than swords because they modify the agility and dexterity, for example. Then you need to take into account the scope of the weapon, and strike force.

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    • That would make sense... except for staffs, which easily have the slowest attack speed without any agility/dexterity decreases.

      There's someone on the EU server who's trying to make a super-high agility character, but so far he hasn't become noticeably faster, which is a little disappointing.

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