The Temple Monster

A level 8 mission.


The quest client is Dwark,

time limit: 6 hours

The quest can be obtained through Adventurer's Guild Staff Members,

You are asked to defeat 3 Angry face and 5 Flesh Armor inside Golden dragon ruins.

Rewards: 2x Camp, Special med and one of the following chosen by you

Hard leather guard or Bronze helm or Strong bandana or Enchanted eye or Hard bracers or Bronze gloves or Strong mittens or Enchanted band.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Defeat 3 Angry face located inside the 2nd Dark angel statue at the 2nd floor of Golden dragon ruins.
2nd dark angel statue golden dragon ruins

2nd Dark angel statue at 2nd floor

Angry face

Angry face

Defeat 5 Flesh Armor located on the first floor of Golden dragon ruins.
Flesh armor

Flesh armor

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