obtained by: Stark

requirements:Facility 13 access & finished Stark's other quest

exp: 10,000

gold: 100,000

You will need to buy 2 items in the first part and 2 more in the 2nd part of this quest.

Glass Orb of the Land & Chikor stuffed Animal can be bought at RDF floor 3, Golden Miniature Statue (was that the right name?) at OS level 3 on (I6) location  and Stardust Ring at the F13 shop.

+10 alignment depending on answer

After this head to Valoori (RDF), Barmond (F13) and back to Stark

Mysterious Sesame Oil can be bought by Barmond and Dimento Deluxe Salt by Zararn (OS3).

+20 neutral alignment

+30 alignment depending on answer.

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