Client: Dwark

Dwark will give you this quest alongside a permit for Caligrase Sewers. To conplete this quest you must defeat the leader of the Black Rose Clan:

The leader is located inside Caligrase Sewers in the 3rd Dark Angel battle and serves as the final boss for the dungeon.

The Dark Angel Statue requires 3 Bolts to activate which can be found with a little backtracking.

All 3 Bolts are found inside junk piles, located in the sewer beneath the bridge with Mist type monsters.

Bolt LocationsEdit

  • 1) Directly beneath the Mist Bridge in a junk pile. Zombies will be nearby.
  • 2) Proceed further beneath the bridge until you see an opening in the wall. Enter this new portion of the sewer and turn left, past the Frogs until you find a junk pile.
  • 3) Return to the entrance of this small area and take the right path. Next take the 2nd left at the end of this path, and examine the junk pile close by.

Take extra caution here as a Unique Creature is found here. Do not fight it at your level since it will kill you in one attack. Monsters cloaked in a purple aura are special creatures designed for higher level characters.

With the three bolts acquired, return to the 3rd Dark Angel statue. Repair it and enter the instance to kill the Black Rose Clan leader.

Doing so will complete the quest and Caligrase Sewers. Return to Dwark in Town for your reward.

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