Level: 1 Client: McCoy Time Limit Cannot Abandon

An adventurer friend went to Chikor Castle Site, but never returned. I'm hoping you could bring me whatever you find of his body.

Find the body of McCoy's former adventurer friend
Collect Adventurer Body 0/1
2000 Experience
2500 Gold
Belt of the Strongwilled
Camp x 10
Bag (M)
Selectable Prizes
Jewel Knuckles
Bastard Sword
Heavy Axe
Long Spear
Blackwood Staff

Walkthrough Edit

  • The body is located by killing zombies at I-4 (after the portal, follow the far left door and you will be hit with a series of cinematics). It should drop off of the 4 that spawn, however, if it does not, wait for them to respawn and kill again as necessary until you have an Adventurer's Body.
  • After receiving the Adventurer Body return to McCoy (Bustling Market) and he will tell you to get the remains purified. Take the remains to Quopaty Priest, Guido (located in the temple at Hero's Square-- near Calarde, Maiden of Isic) and donate 500g and you'll recieve +10 AP (Alignment Points) to Lawful or choose not to donate to get  +10 AP to Chaotic. Afterwards he will hand you the Purified Ashes.
  • Head back to McCoy and give him the Purified Ashes for your reward.
  • When you end the quest you'll get another +10 AP to Lawful
  • Then he'll talk to you and say: "Any success its worth nothing,  if you are dead... What do you think?"
  • Possible answers:
"You're right, life is precious."   +20 Lawfull AP
"That's a result for living freely. Can't be helped."   +20 Chaotic AP
"I cannot say."    +20 Neutral AP

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