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Main article: Locations *Return link to the main article where you'll find a list of locations found in Wizardry Online.

Caligrase SewersEdit

Caligrase Sewers is one of the main story line dungeons in Wizardry Online. -Description of the dungeon will be placed here.

Caligrase Sewers' MapEdit


  • The quest for Caligrase Sewers will go here.
  • 1st Quest *Each quest will have its own page with detail information aobut that Quest


  • List of missions available for Caligrase Sewers.
  • 1st Mission *Each mission will have its own page with detail information aobut that mission

Dark Angel StatuesEdit


  • List of the NPCs found at Caligrase Sewers.
  • Random Guy *Each NPC will have its own page with detail information about that NPC.


Name EXP Speaical Attack Item Drop Locations / Remarks
Monster 5 Super Attack
  • Something
  • Something2
  • Everywhere i.e. A3,A2
Unique Monster 500 Ultra Attack
  • Hero's Sword
  • 1st Final Battle

-All creatures' name will be links to that creatures own page

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