Terror Temple

A level 14 mission.


The quest client is Dwark,

time limit: 6 hours

The quest can be obtained through Adventurer's Guild Staff Members,

You are asked to defeat Fire spirit and Dark spirit inside Temple of oblivion.

Rewards: 5x Camp, 2x Soul medal and one of the following chosen by you

Monk shield or Lightly ring or Adept ring or 5x Special med or 3x Soul medal or 10x Camp

Quick walkthroughEdit

Defeat Fire spirit located at the 1st Dark angel statue of Temple of oblivion.

Fire spirit

Fire spirit

1st Dark angel statue Temple of oblivion

1st Dark angel statue

Defeat Dark spirit located at the 2nd Dark angel statue on the 2nd floor of Temple of oblivion.
2nd Dark angel statue Temple of oblivion

2nd Dark angel statue

Dark spirit

Dark spirit

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