Obtained from Budding Crook Mighty Dog (top right G9). The Cost of Larceny is a prerequisite mission.

You must find a Storage Key, which drops from a Novice Fighter (F8, G8, F9), and return it to Mighty Dog. He then asks you to get Tempting White Powder, which you can get by using the Teleport located top right D9. Doing so will consume a Storage Key. The monsters inside, Dry Corpses, drop Tempting White Powder.

Boss Fight
5x Dry Corpses.
850 exp
1x Kraken Coin
5x Antidote
3x Smelling Salts
Chaotic +20
I don't recall being your buddy. Lawful +10
Have a better deal for me? Chaos +10
Let me think about it. Neutral +10

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