Steal Attack Icon
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Steals items from monsters. The possibility of stealing an item is increased when the target HP is low, and attack is made from the sides. Chances are further improved when attacking from behind.

Level Cost Cast Time Recast Time Duration Range Target Effect Level Learned
1 Free 0.0 60 2
2 Free 0.0 60 2
3 Free 0.0 60 2
4 Free 0.0 60 6
5 Free 0.0 60 6
6 Free 0.0 60 9
7 Free 0.0 60 16


  • Stealing an item with Steal Attack does not remove the item from the creatures loot table. That means, even if you can steal a Monk Shield from a Mangler, another might drop when it dies.
  • You cannot steal from the same creature twice.

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