Status effects can be split into two main categories: physical and mental.

Physical Status EffectsEdit

  • Poison - HP will gradually decrease by a %, determined by the Poison's potency.
  • Paralysis - You will fail to attack or use skills a set percent of time.
  • Petrified - You will be unable to do anything. However, damage you receive will be decreased.
  • Faint - You will be unable to do anything.
  • Blind - Trap detection distance will be decreased.
  • Action Bind - You will be unable to take certain physical actions, while still being able to move.
  • Movement Bind - You will be unable to move, but able to attack.

Mental Status EffectsEdit

  • Sleep - You will be unable to do anything. Damage you receive will be increased.
  • Silent - You will be unable to use skills.
  • Fear - You will be unable to draw your weapon. If your weapon is drawn it will be automatically sheathed.


  • Death - If you fail at reviving you will turn to ash.
  • Ash - Fail at reviving and you will be lost.
  • Lost - Your body disappears and you lose the ability to play the character.
  • Overburdened- You can no longer run or leap. Your AC EVAL is added to by 1.
  • 0 condition. You can no longer run, leap, or use skills.

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