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Uses 1 Trap Maker to place a spear trap on the ground. This trap can be further enhanced. Duration is reset when enhancements are added.

Spear Trap

Spear Trap

Spear Trap Icon
Cast Time Recast Time Duration Level Learned
1 2s 3.0s 30s 1st lvl already known
2 2s 3.0s 30s 1
3 2s 2,8s 30s 1
4 2s 2.6s 30s 5
5 2s 2.6s 30s 5
6 2s 2.3s 30s 8
7 2s 2.0s 30s 15

<Notes> this skill its enterly affected by DEX  and can make hard hit  tested and confirmed is afected by DEX

<Notes> Tested by place spear traps (rank 2) only.

Wear +3 STR ring: Min dmg 590, Max dmg 665, average: 628 (9 samples)

Wear +2 DEX ring: Min dmg 605, Max dmg 665, average: 629 (12 samples)

Therefore, it do not make any significant difference. 

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