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For a fixed time after using this skill, you will teleport behind the next enemy that physically attacks you (Ninja Only)

Skill does not occur when the enemy attack is blocked with a shield or when there is no space behind the enemy.

The damage you receive that triggers the teleport will still be applied. So if you teleport from a killing blow, you will appear behind the enemy dead.

There is no casting animation or status icon displaying that it is active, however upon using the skill a small yellow light emits from the player.

Costs 50 OD

Level Cost Cast Time Recast Time Effect Level Learned
1 50 OD 0.0 180.0 1 second duration NIN 15
2 50 OD 0.0 120.0 Increased duration to 2 seconds. NIN 30
3 50 OD 0.0 ? Increased duration to ? seconds. NIN 45


This skill can be used by the Ninja class only. Inheriting this skill to other classes will result in a greyed out skill that you cannot use.

Requires good reflexes from the player to successfully carry out a teleport since you need to anticipate the attack and at the right moment trigger the skill.

At level 1, the skill is active for a second only, so timing is crucial at early stages.

In PvP, players that are target locked on to you will automatically follow you as you teleport if they are constantly attacking. This can make it tricky to use effectively in PvP scenarios.

Sneak Behind allows you to perform a skill immediately, making it useful for Back Attack.

Failed to teleport from a Magic Arrow. Still need to test physical ranged attacks like Shuriken.

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