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Side QuestsEdit

Side Quests are additional quests that can be be accepted by speaking to the quest NPCs found in Towns or inside dungeons. Most side quests are optional to complete, whilst a small amount of them are required to progress further inside dungeons.

These quests will often have a variety of rewards, some offering a choice of rewards to select from.

Completing a side quest will often trigger a multiple choice conversation which rewards players with alignment points based on the answer chosen.

The answers typically follow this format, making it easier for players to select the response for the alignment points they are after:

  • Option 1 = Lawful Alignment
  • Option 2 = Chaotic Alignment
  • Option 3 = Neutral Alignment

If one alignment gains more points than your current alignment, you will automatically change alignment to the highest one. Keep this in mind when choosing your reply

In addition to this, each quest rewarda a fixed amount of alignment points that are separate from the reply option picked.

There will be atleast 1 side quest per dungeon to find and accept.

Side Quests can only be completed once per character. However they may be repeated by creating a new character

Side Quest ListEdit

Caligrase SewersEdit

The Doll of My Life
Dark Pendant

Kaoka Parrej RuinsEdit

Mysterious Water
Broach of Purity

Deltis KeepEdit

Bring Me Alchohol! - Once per soul
The Cost of Larceny
Take the Goods!
A Suspicious Transaction

Golden Dragon RuinsEdit

(needs adding, theres atleast 1 side quest to help level soul rank up)

Chikor Castle SiteEdit

The Cost of Knowledge
Gift to a Loyal Companion
Proof of a Faithful Friend
The Canine Treasure

Aria ReservoirEdit

The Inventor's Request
At Arahawi's Request - once per soul
Land of Desire
The Suffering Survey Team

Temple of OblivionEdit

I'm Called God of Ash

Old SewersEdit

(needs adding, theres atleast 3-4 side quests to complete here)

Underground Dragoon RuinsEdit

(Needs adding if there are any)

Descension RuinsEdit

Kill (Zero)!

Roswald Deep FortEdit

Where's The Wonder Drug
Broze Coin Side Quest

Ruined ChamberEdit

Vorge's Lament

Facility 13Edit

The Illusive Coin

Dark RoundtableEdit

(Needs adding)

Sangent RuinsEdit

(Needs adding)

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