Shine Medals are items that can be offered to the Soul Scale during death. It will add 6% success rate to a users revival chance, per medal. It's highly recommended to carry quite a few as they are very space efficient and relatively easy to obtain.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Shine Medal

Type: OTHER (Max Slots 99)

Unable to Sell

Unable to Trade

Unable to be Stolen

A slightly large medal that gives off a slight glow. Place on the Soul Scale to increase your chances of reviving.

Methods of ObtainingEdit

Level 12 Mission Land of Desire, as a selected prize. Repeatable.

Level 13 Mission The Fatal Treasure, as a selected prize. Repeatable.

Level 18 Mission The Lone Wolf, as fixed prize. Repeatable.

A large number of Unique Creatures drop these in moderate quantities.

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