Union Level
Members # 15-20/50


(current leaders)

nemin nemin

Mina Remember


Elicit remember

ronnie ironborn

dyve lorrenz

tenri san


nemin nemin

(diclonius lucy)

mina remeber

(elicit remeber)

(asuna remember)

ronnie ironborn

(lella ironborn)

dyve lorrenz

(dyceer loorenz)

akezan trelex

(cailez trelex)

(akurtk akeza85)

discord hacel

asuna --San(san san)

(Akatsuki --San)

sandro sandro

(shin sandro)

achylis Vine

chaos hempetti

filtiarn filtiarn

lucas vermin

Associated Unions



Laughinb Coffin

Date Founded Oct 16 2013

Wo 20131024 142101

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