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Scapegoat is the final boss of Deltis Keep. He's an Exectioner mob.


he's an Executioner which means he's regulary going to feint you, used a cleave-type attack with a short range. He ussually does this after an attack, so try to step after you block/dodge/get hit by an attack. If you can't step to dodge it, use 'Gaurd'. if you gaurded when he feints you, it's duration is 2 seconds, not so brutal at low levels. if you didn't gaurd, you get feint for 6 seconds. It doesn't look like much, but in that time he could have attacked you and used his special attack to deal tons of damage at low levels, ussually resulting in death. with his feint aside, he can be handle like a normal mob. you know, the usual. Block incoming attack, attack yourself, time your block or dodge (step) with his next attack, repeat.

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