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Royal Shop Clerk

The Royal Shop is a kind of shop found in almost every town location. It sells premium items which can only be bought using station cash.

As of 11th Feb, 2013, the only item available for in-game gold is High Camp.

Items like Dimento Medals, Experience books, HP and MP recovery potions, etc. can be purchased here. Avatar outfits are also available.

Item ListEdit

Consumable GoodsEdit

  • Royal Bag: Pouch that increases inventory size by 16 slots.
  • Red Potion, High Red Potion: HP recovery potion
  • Blue Potion, High Blue Potion: MP recovery potion
  • High camp: Magical camp site capable of gradualy recovering hp and mp
  • Talisman of security: prevents one item from being looted by player's or monster for the next 7 days
  • Talisman of protection: prevents an equipped item from being looted by player's or monster for the next 30 days (cannot be used with accessories, earring's, ring's and necklaces)
  • Book of Experience (60 min): For 60 min after consumption, the character will gain additional 25% XP.
  • Dimento Medal: 30days or 7 days. Has several benefits including additional 25% XP gain
  • Royal Forge Stones
  • Forge Guard
  • Alignment change form Lawful: swtich between Lawful and neutral statuses
  • Alignment change form Neutral: switch between neutral and chaotic statuses
  • Deluxe repair tool: restores the durability of your weapon or armor to full durability
  • Eye for identification: identifies an item, has no chance to fail at identification
  • Merchant Knowledge: for the next 30 days items can be sold to NPC shops for 5% more, item affects all characters in the same world
  • Healing Incense: recovers 20 condition
  • Oblivion heirloom: forget your class skills and resets your skill points to 0
  • Adventurer kit: gives 4x Book of experience, 1x Dimento metal (7 day),3x Deluxe red potion, 3x Deluxe blue potion, 2x Talisman of security (7day)
  • Novice forge kit: gives 2x Royal weapon forging stone, 2x royal armor forging stone, 2x Royal accessory forging stone, 1x Forge guard
  • Expert Armor Forge Kit: Gives Three Royal Amor Forging Stones, One No Cost Forge Ticket, and a Baggis's Forge Guard


  • Buccaneer Sphere: A magical item that will turn into another random item.


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