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Region: Illfalo Port

Japanese Name: ロサワルド水没砦

Recommended Level: 22

Party Size Limit: 4

In an ancient war against Sade, this fort was built at the intersection of the Aria and Milia rivers to protect against the undead pouring from the Labyrinth of Sade.

Sade sunk the fortress using atmospheric magic, and it has now fallen into ruin from neglect.

How to Unlock Edit

Minimum Soul Rank Required: 5
Required completion of Dungeon: Descension Ruins

After completing Descension Ruins, speak to Zemu Taru (ゼーム  テール) in the Arcane Ministry.

Material Checklist Edit

All materials required to complete this dungeon are listed below. They are dropped by specific enemies populating the dungeon, but most(if not all) can be traded or sold in player shops or the auction house.

Light Angel Statues Edit

Note: I apologise in advance for the imprecise instructions. I'm writing these a while after having done it.

Rusted Great Gate (朽ち果てた大門): Floor 1 Edit

Isolated Hall (隔離された広間): Floor 2 Edit

Severed Corridor (途切れた渡り廊下): Floor 3Edit

Creature List Edit

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Maps Edit

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Floor 1

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