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Genus: Humanoid

A male, human enemy that weild a dagger and shield.

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

They have a standard melee attack that is easy to avoid/block.

general rogue skills:

  • Get Paralyzed- charged attack skill(interruptable). medium demage and paralyse debuff for 10 seconds
  • Knife Throw-relatively fast medium demage ranged skill. cast time of approx 0.2

Most incarnations have a sheild allowing them to block player attacks (attacking them head on deals GP damage to them). can be shield broken with fighter guard break skill. does not release guard if you are no longer infront of them.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit


  • Fire (100%); 
  • Earth (50.2%); 
  • Ice (69.2%);
  • Wind (51.4%);
  • Magic Missile (107.8%);
  • Holy (???%);
  • Poison (19 seconds, 3 ticks)
  • Stun (~4 seconds);

Note: See Rogue (Mob Type)/Test Data for more information.


Name Type Location Notes
Highwayman Normal Caligrase Sewers
Crazy Lilac Boss Creature Caligrase Sewers
Dandelion Boss Creature Caligrase Sewers
Hungry Pansy Boss Creature Caligrase Sewers
Mad Jasmine Boss Creature Caligrase Sewers
Rookie Scout Normal Caligrase Sewers
Rookie Watchman Normal Caligrase Sewers
Rogue Normal Deltis Keep
Highwayman Normal Deltis Keep
Zerudo 13 Rare Creature Aria Reservoir
Zeld the 13th Rare Creature Aria Reservoir
Stininus Boss Creature Old Sewers
Bushwacker Normal Old Sewers
Mickey Rare Creature Old Sewers
Crypt Raider Normal Descension Ruins
Veteran Thief Normal Dark Roundtable


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