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Rare Creatures are found in each dungeon. They are defined by their rare appearance and incredibly long respawn times.

They do not have any visual distinctions to regular enemies, however they typically drop greater amounts of gold, gems, gem fragments and equipment.

Rare Creature LocationsEdit

Name Mob Type Location Details
Scrooge Beetle Beetle Caligrase Sewers
  • Near Doll location
  • Close to 2nd Dark Angel
Beach Spider Spider Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Wallet Frog Frog Deltis Keep
Skull Stone Skull Golden Dragon Ruins Path of a Thousand Cuts:

  • H8
  • Second warp
Corpse Eater Dallan Zule Chikor Castle Site Close to 2nd Revival Shrine
Fake Fly Tsitsi Fly Fly Aria Reservoir Floor 2:

  • E4
  • F7 (Core Area- lower level)
  • H3 (Core Area- lower level)
Zerudo 13 Rogue Aria Reservoir
Zeld the 13th Rogue Aria Reservoir Floor 1? :

  • I6 (1st or 2nd room)
  • C9/C10
Mansel Mage Temple of Oblivion Shrine of the soul:

  • G6 (fountain of healing room)
  • H6 (Top room)
Rockhead Skull Temple of Oblivion 2nd floor:

  • Near the warp to optional Dark Angel area
Gem Box Beetle Old Sewers
  • Floor 1 - inbetween 2nd Dark Angel and 3rd Dark Angel
  • Near levi the machine
Deathralva Spider Old Sewers

Floor 2:

  • After 3rd Dark Angel near Kobolds

Floor 3

Mickey Rogue Old Sewers Floor 3:

  • Dark maze area inbetween first 2 revival shrines
Lost Number Zombie Underground Dragoon Ruins Floor 1:

Spiral Gem Coin Underground Dragoon Ruins Floor 2
Dread Toad Frog Roswald Deep Fort Floor 1:

  • On a high bridge/platform to the right upon entering dungeon.
Diamond Winged Beetle Beetle Roswald Deep Fort Floor 2:

Sweeper Slime Roswald Deep Fort Floor 3

  • Near walker statue
  • Near 1st Revival shrine
Stronger Banshee Ruined Chamber Floor 1:

  • In between 2nd revival shrine and 1st Dark Angel
  •  ???
Miniature Statue Living Statue Ruined Chamber Floor 2:

  • Near a Rock Body where a chest spawns
  • In same room as last Dark Angel
Bagest Kobold Facility 13 Floor 1:

  • Near the entrance to the left of the 1st Sacrifice spawn
  • Near the 3rd revival shrine, standing next to a healing fountain close to some Martyrs


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